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Regulatory lawyers providing expertise in FDA and USDA legislation for pre-market and post-market businesses.

We focus on FDA regulations, so you can focus on your business.

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Don’t panic — you’ve got backup. Our FDA lawyers have worked with FDA regulations in a range of industries for over a decade, and know how to fix any problem now and keep it from happening again.

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The FDA landscape is complicated, and there are hundreds of complex rules and regulations that require detailed attention. We understand how critical it is to be able to focus fully on your business without having to worry about FDA regulation violations.

Our regulatory attorneys at FDA Atty have extensive experience working within the FDA ecosystem, and ensure our clients achieve compliance at every stage. Our FDA lawyers have worked with clients in a range of industries to provide expert advice and peace of mind.

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Getting FDA Approval

Pre-market businesses and entrepreneurs in highly regulated industries like food and beverage, CBD, medical devices, OTC drugs, supplements, cosmetics, and tobacco have a lot of red tapes to navigate.

Our highly experienced regulatory lawyers understand that your products can make a difference in the lives of your customers, and will work to ensure they get them on the market. From label reviews to advertising reviews, permits to approvals, we can help with our team of FDA Attorneys.

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Solving FDA Problems

Have you received an FDA Warning Letter or run into trouble with inspections and imports? Don’t panic! Our FDA Attorneys at law can provide your business with sound advice so you can come to a favorable resolution and continue growing your business.

Don’t delay, because time is of the essence. Get help from our highly experienced regulatory attorneys regardless of your industry. We can assist you with imports, inspections, warning letters, recalls, or anything else post-market enforcement-related.

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Lending Expertise and Mediation

FDA Atty partners with other law firms, offering expertise in FDA and USDA legislation and answering complex regulatory questions. If you don’t have FDA expertise in-house, our regulatory lawyers can provide extensive knowledge and guidance to your team.

Serving as an FDA Attorney litigation adviser, expert witness, or mediator, we help your clients find resolutions to their cases. Considering how complex it is to navigate the world of FDA and USDA regulations, we provide a team of experts you can rely on to build a winning strategy.

Read what our clients have to say about us

Marc has been helping my company for almost 2 years with various FDA medical device compliance issues. Most recently, after exhaustive work on both Marc’s and our part, we successfully obtained our 510k clearance! Marc is knowledgeable, dedicated, thorough, and doesn’t give up fighting for his clients.
I HIGHLY recommend Marc.”

-Thomas Kraft, Partner Uplevity Inc.

Secure your future on our foundation of FDA expertise

FDA Atty is a boutique law firm focusing solely on FDA and USDA regulations, representing clients in the food, dietary supplement, beverage, cosmetic, medical device, and drug industries. Dedicating our work entirely to FDA and USDA enforcement has allowed us to develop specialized knowledge in the area.

With over a decade of experience, we provide sage advice in real-world terms—so you can be sure you’re making the best decisions for your business. Our FDA lawyers serve clients across the US and around the world, providing regulatory expertise, market-focused service, cross-industry insight, and approachable and available counsel.


Marc C. Sanchez Esq. FDA Attorney

Providing solutions to regulatory problems for a variety of industries

As the medical director of a small bioenergetic medicine “device” company, we engaged Mr. Sanchez to help us with regulatory actions taken by the FDA. While it was a long, drawn-out process that culminated in a visit to Washington, we ultimately got the problem solved. I learned two things from this process—that you can’t deal with these issues without a lawyer, and that  Marc Sanchez is good at what he does. He is ethical, sharp, street smart and mindful. Hire him.”

-Dr. Richard Nahas Ergopathics Canada


FDA Atty has over a decade of experience advising clients on FDA and USDA regulations. We have assisted clients in a variety of industries with their FDA compliance issues, and we have also partnered with other law firms and assisted in building a winning strategy for their clients.

Regardless of the issue you’re dealing with, we’re here to help. Click on the service below to get more information on how our FDA Attorneys can protect your business from regulatory violations.

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Make sure your business is compliant with FDA legislation now — and in the future.

Stay up to date with FDA and USDA regulations

In their capacity as regulatory attorneys, our team at FDA Atty is deeply committed to not only providing FDA and USDA legal counsel services but also keeping our clients informed about industry regulations that may affect their business.

Through our blog, we will fill you in on FDA and USDA news and we will also provide insight into certain industry-specific topics you might find helpful.