Walmart VTA Supplier Requirements

Walmart VTA Supplier Requirements

Selling with a major retailer is a dream for many companies. When selling with any major retailer it is important to understand the retailer’s regulatory requirements. Walmart VTA supplier requirements (vendor tagged advertisement) is one example. This process is sued by Walmart to approve or reject any radio or TV advertisements for its vendor’s products. The Walmart VTA supplier requirements are important to consider before selling with the company. The requirements restrict claims using both FDA and FTC claims. If a product is making claims that violate Walmart VTA supplier requirements, then the product may not be carried or be able to successfully market its product.

Important considerations in the vendor tagged advertisement process include common labeling questions. Those include:

  • Proper classification
  • Proper FDA registration and FDA approval
  • Appropriate claims for classification (e.g. no structure/function claims for cosmetics)
  • Substantiated claims
  • Plausible claims (e.g. no claims that are outside the bounds of reason like immediate weight loss)

The above should be part of any label review, but when engaged in the process of approving an ad with a major retailer it is important to stop and review the claims. This begins with a review of the initial radio or TV script. Remember any TV or radio ad is regulated by the FDA the same as the labeling on the packaging. A script may need two or three revisions before all the claims balance marketability with compliance. It is also important to evaluate what graphics will be used in a TV ad. Graphics can be a form of implied claims, the same as on the label.

The retailer requirements will change from retailer to retailer, but the FDA requirements will always remain the same. Utilize a comprehensive and knowledgeable reviewer for the labels and advertisements and you can meet any retailer’s requirements.

Contact our Washington D.C. or Charlotte NC office with any questions on labeling or claims in retailer TV or radio ads.

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Marc Sanchez

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Marc is the author of two textbooks and a lecturer at Northeastern University. He is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and the D.C. Bar Association.

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